Wesley Wong, DDS

Dr. Wesley Wong was born and raised in Los Angeles.  He received a B.S. and M.S. degree from UC San Diego.  He then attended and graduated from UOP Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco.  Circumstances provided his wife, Karen, and himself an opportunity to make a home in Modesto.  Now after 18 years of practicing dentistry, he is greatly involved with his kids and their passion for playing hockey.  Not only do his kids play hockey, but he plays in an adult roller hockey league in Ripon.  He also enjoys golf.  Other interests include being a foodie and traveling to find unique and odd bites.

Dr. Wong continues to strive for excellence by maintaining an active study in all facets of dentistry by traveling around the country to attend lectures from the most prestigious experts.  He takes pride in knowing that his patients benefit from the knowledge and experience he has gained from all his education.

One of the most intense curriculums he has attended was at the world renowned Las Vegas Institute located in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It is the world’s premier post-graduate dental teaching center.  LVI specializes in training the best cosmetic (or aesthetic) neuromuscular dentists.  Practicing dentists from all over the globe come to LVI to advance their education, knowledge, and expertise. Graduates of LVI are among the finest, most progressive dentists in the world. Founded in 1995, LVI was established to educate, guide, and support dentists in the delivery of the most advanced, superior, patient-based care possible.

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Another unique procedure that Dr. Wong is performing is LANAP.  This acronym stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Protocol.  It is the only FDA approved procedure that involves using a laser to help regenerate bone and gum attachment to a tooth.  Periodontal disease can be serious and causes bone loss around a tooth.  Not only are the results great, but it is minimally invasive to the patient.

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Dr. Wong currently serves as a board member of the Stanislaus Dental Society and participates in the Modesto Study Club.  He is a member of the California Dental Association and the American Dental Association.  He believes that being part of organized dentistry is not only good for the profession, but also good for his patients.  He appreciates all that dentistry has to offer and strives to enhance his patient’s lives through healthy teeth and gums.